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 Complete Pack

for Motif ES, S90 ES, Motif Rack ES, MO6/MO8


All editors and librarian are distributed in one single package the ES Tools Complete Pack.

The pack includes:
  • Total Librarian
  • Voice Editor
  • Drum Kit Editor
  • Performance Editor
  • Mix Editor
  • Master Editor (n/a for Motif Rack ES)

The latest version of the pack can be downloaded here:

 ES Tools Complete Pack version 2.8.0
 Mac OS X
 for Motif ES
  8,69 MB  
  23,05 MB  
 for S90 ES
  8,69 MB  
  23,05 MB  
 for Motif Rack ES
  8,39 MB  
  22,28 MB  
 for MO6/MO8
  8,67 MB  
  23,00 MB  

You can choose to install only the applications you want during the installation process.
You can purchase applications separately or by bundle.

Please, make sure you are using the latest firmware and drivers distributed by YAMAHA.
The applications use Qt GNU LGPL v. 2.1. Source code of the Qt libraries as used is available here.

What's new in version 2.8.0

+ Added Unicode support
+ Total Librarian: Remove Duplicates feature now allows you to select which patches to remove
+ Several fixes and enhancements