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 YC Tools

for YC61, YC73, YC88


YC Tools is a complete editor/librarian solution for the YC61/YC73/YC88 Stage Keyboards, consisting of:


The YC Tools are distributed in one single package.
The latest version of the pack can be downloaded here:

 YC Tools version 1.1.0
 for YC61/YC73/YC88
  5,60 MB  
  6,57 MB  

This download will function as a Demo version. To buy the YC Tools please visit the order page.

Important: Please, make sure you are using the latest firmware and drivers distributed by YAMAHA.

What's new in YC Tools version 1.1.0

  • Added support for YC firmware version 1.30
  • YC Librarian: Added Sound Import command which imports Sounds from YC Editor (*.ycsound) or System Exclusive (*.syx) files
  • YC Librarian: Added Controller Settings editing for Sounds
  • All Applications rescale automatically when the Application Font is changed in Setup->Appearance
  • All Applications rescale automatically when moved to a monitor with a different DPI (Per-Monitor DPI: requires Windows 8.1 and above)
  • Minor fixes and enhancements